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A Seamless Omni-Channel Solution

iOS driven cloud-based Point of Sale solution.

A powerful platform that revolutionizes the way retailers conduct their business. We utilize iOS devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics.

A total Point of Sale solution that can be implemented across your enterprise, tying all retail channels together in the cloud.

Are you ready for the future of retail?

Our easy-to-use solution is comprised of iOS mobile devices at the store level, plus web-browser access for back office operations (all fully cloud-based and real-time). The mobile Point of Sale applications run natively on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod, which means that in the event of internet loss, sales can still be conducted without interruption.

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We Make Life Easy.

Sophisticated tasks such as analytics, business intelligence, and complex workflows become more cost effective when managed centrally in the cloud. Our cloud-based POS takes complex technology out of the store and puts it where it's safe, secure, and most effective.

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Teamwork Retails founding father and CEO, Michael Mauerer has more than 25 years of experience in designing and building retail software. He was the architect and founder of Retail Pro, an international retail management software used in over 65 countries by major retailers. After selling Retail Pro to Intuit in 2002, he was part of Intuit’s leadership team where he developed QuickBooks POS. Michael’s skills and expertise in the retail software space lead him to develop a highly innovative, mobile cloud based POS system which you know as Teamwork Retail today!


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