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Experience the future of retail

The ONLY completely cloud-based and mobile POS solution that delivers the sophistication of Tier 1 retailing supporting multi-channel retailers with an INFINITE # of locations. Featuring POS, Seamless Channels, Universal Customers, and a CRM like you've never seen.

Experience the future of retail.

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Teamwork works on all the devices

Our Offering

Teamwork Retail delivers the power of completely mobile, tablet-driven cloud computing to 21st century retailers. With our retail management system, clients enjoy smart and easy-to-use point-of-sale solutions that reduce expenditures, and offer a new level of technology.

Industries We Serve

  • FootwearsFootwear
  • ApparelApparel
  • ElectronicsElectronics
  • HousewivesHousewares
  • JewelryJewelry
  • CosmeticsCosmetics
  • Gift StoresGift Stores
  • Garden CentersGarden Centers
  • Toy StoresToy Stores
  • Office SuppliesOffice Supplies
  • LuggageTravel Accessories
  • Sporting GoodsSporting Goods

Retail Management Solutions

All-in-one, unique, and simple-to-use system.

Mobile Revolution

Mobile Revolution

Customers now carry more technology in their hands than most stores have with their POS system. Customers are using mobile technology more and more to make buying decisions. Retailers embracing mobile devices can use the very same platform to stay relevant, win the sale and service the customer.

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We Make it easier

Sophisticated tasks, such as analytics, business intelligence and complex workflows, become more cost effective when managed centrally in the cloud. It takes complex technology out of the store and puts it where it's safe, secure, and most effective.

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  • 100% cloud based100% Cloud Based
  • Simple to UseSimple to Use
  • Built-In Email ValidationBuilt-In Email Validation
  • Easier ImplementationsSimplified Implementations
  • Gift CardsGift Cards
  • Less EquipmentsLess Equipment
  • 3rd Party Integration3rd Party Integration
  • Subscription BasedSubscription Based
  • Mobile / Web InterfaceMobile / Web Interface
  • Reports AnywhereReports Anywhere
  • E-commerceE-commerce
  • Omni-ChannelOmni-Channel
  • Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics
  • MembershipsMembership Programs
  • Loyalty RewardsLoyalty Rewards

Why choose mobile?

Both the upfront and indirect costs of maintaining PC's and Local area Networks (LAN) exceed those of mobile solutions. Pairing mobile devices with Teamwork solutions will create positive disruption and inspire new customer experiences and staff efficiencies.

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Why use the cloud?

It’s safer. Your data is monitored 24/7 in one of the world's most secure data centers. Our facility is located just outside of Las Vegas and shares space with nearly every top software company in the world. Having your data stored here is the safest option you could ever choose for protecting your information. Our facility provides regulated climate control, multiple barriers of physical security, long term power generators, constant updates to hardware, and personnel who ensure optimum performance.

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A Sample of our diversity

We Align Ourselves with the Best in the Industry

  • "100% cloud managed network security devices, switches, and access points with analytics."

  • "The Genius aggregates every payment type, customer program and transaction technology."

  • "Designing and creating visually appealing iPad Air /iPad Mini stands with the smallest footprint cash drawers."

  • "Creating a full array of iOS holsters, docks, and charging stations with built in barcode scanners and card readers."

Our Solutions

Teamwork Retail delivers a powerful new platform that will revolutionize the way retailers conduct their business. We utilize mobile devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics. Our retail management system provides clients with smart, easy-to use applications and mobile POS (point-of-sale) solutions that engage today’s consumers on a much more unique level. Teamwork provides the most diverse and robust POS system available. We proudly offer full 3rd party integrations, business intelligence, presence analytics, and so much more.

Retail Management System

Teamwork is a comprehensive retail solution that ties every facet of your enterprise together, weaving each and every retail channel through the cloud. Our subscription based service gives you control over inventory, merchandising, replenishment, purchasing, receiving, distribution, customer management, order entry, point of sale, stored value services, payment processing, and e-commerce -- in a form you can hold in the palm of your hand.

The Retail Mobile Revolution

Teamwork retail is a completely mobile, cloud-based retail technology solution. Our mobile POS delivers a full omni-channel experience. It’s effortless to implement and features a simple and intuitive interface.

Mobile retail technology streamlines your businesses operations. Instead of hauling the task to technology, we bring technology to the task. Teamwork was created to deliver an incredibly powerful solution requiring every day technologies, like an iPad or tablet. Our mobile solutions are more powerful, more reliable, and less expensive than legacy POS solutions, while allowing you to conduct sales anywhere on the floor. Whether you choose to mount your devices, display them on removable stands, or reserve some behind the register for peak hours, Teamwork Retail offers the solution for your business. Our devices don’t even need WIFI to make sales. Databases are stored on each device and will sync immediately to the cloud once connected back to the internet. This allows for real time reporting to executives via their personal devices.

Cloud Computing for Retail

Teamwork Retail’s iPad POS system is a safe and secure transaction system that keeps you and your customers’ data locked up tight. With us, your data is securely monitored 24/7 in a state of the art facility. Don't believe us? Just ask who's sharing data next door.

Stay Relevant

In today’s world, customers and clients use their mobile technology to make their buying decisions. As a merchant, embracing mobile systems can help you stay relevant. With a Teamwork iPad, Mobile Device, or Web Based POS system, you can elevate your customers' experience and create a more distinguishable brand. We operate across the tech board, with Apple iOS, Google App Engine, and Microsoft server technology to bring you one of the most powerful and feature rich POS systems for multi-location retailers.

As Mobile As You Are

If you’re a retailer looking to upgrade your customer experience to something more luxurious and secure, contact Teamwork Retail to find out more about our POS system and other retail software solutions. Our SaaS based retail technology system will help you make the switch to mobile / tablet transactions that enhance your customer experience. Teamwork Retail is completely cloud based, with seamless multi-store capabilities. It’s easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to use. Give us a call today to change the way you do business.