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A Cloud Based and Mobile Solution

Teamwork’s subscription-based service delivers a total solution that can be implemented across your enterprise, tying all retail channels together in the cloud. With Teamwork, your team enjoys total control over inventory, merchandising, replenishment, purchasing, receiving distribution, customer management, order entry, point of sale software, store value services, payment processing, and e-commerce. With so many features you might expect Teamwork to be difficult to learn, but this system is easy to implement and even easier to use.

Universal Customer

Your customer is your most important asset, and their shopping frequency drives your success. Utilizing our CRM suite, you can now have one Universal Customer available from POS, your website, membership, loyalty programs, our branded iOS member applications, and our in-store kiosk for enrolling and account management. Having all your customer data in one area, shared across all platforms, and tied with trends, allowing you to communicate with your customers based on purchase history and website browsing

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Employees can complete sales from anywhere in your store. This means you can help your customers, exactly when they need it. No waiting in line. An iPad tablet is a fully functional cloud based point of sale system that you and your employees can carry anywhere. Your tablet acts as a retail workstation and can perform all transaction functions, including signature capture for credit card transactions, inventory tracking/management, in-store advertising, and catalog information displays.

Headquarters simplified

Teamwork gives you vital business functionality–cloud to tablet, store to store–all driven through Teamwork HQ. The true power of Teamwork is Teamwork HQ –– cloud computing at its best. Teamwork’s streaming technology and web services distribute data instantly throughout your network. With Teamwork, you can outsource all back office operations to the cloud, which allows you to concentrate on building your enterprise. In addition, Teamwork takes care of all upgrades and provides mission-critical network fault tolerance. When the Internet is slow or offline, Teamwork’s performance is unaffected through native smart clients that automatically synchronize data in the background when the connection is re-established. This functionality keeps your point of sale system up-and-running and your data 100% accurate. With a teamwork retail enterprise solution, the experience of shopping in your retail store will never be the same for your customers, or for you. The streamlined efficiency of always being able to bring the technology to the task, instead of hauling the task to technology, will make your life simpler. Your employees will feel more attended to, and your customers will feel better served. There’s no downside to moving your business to the cloud. Contact us today to find out more about transforming your business with a Teamwork cloud based point of sale system.

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Total Connectivity

Our customer-focused point of sale software solution improves your customer’s shopping experience and drives sales. Teamwork allows you to engage with customers on all channels, combining both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar locations. For example, a customer can buy a gift card in the store and use it online, buy a product online and pick it up at the store, and earn loyalty points regardless of where the purchase is made. When a product is sold online, the system instantly tells the store to set it aside for fulfillment. This omni-channel approach supports all of these activities on a single platform. It’s quick and easy, so that your customers can get what they need, whenever and wherever they want it.


Designed for scalability

Once our solution is live in a few of your stores, we can literally open an unlimited amount of stores at the flip of a switch. Being cloud based and procedurally sound, a fast rollout can be accomplished. It is as simple as turning on the iPads or various devices. There isn’t a solution on the market that is engineered for your tier level, that can accomplish major rollouts without technicians on site.


A powerful platform that revolutionizes the way retailers conduct their business. We utilize iOS devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics.

A total solution that can be implemented across your enterprise, tying all retail channels together in the cloud.

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