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A robust, feature-rich tablet-based (iPad or iPhone) POS solution that can perform all sales workflows, including universal return/exchange processing, send sale orders, Ecom/Web in-store pickup and store fulfillment for Ecom/Web sales

Provides real time analytical data, including your company’s flash sales, sale by location, best sellers, sales volume by hour, and employee performance reports

Allows company executives, store managers/employees to view real-time reports right from the iPad, with no need for a PC to run reports. Executives can use it to view reports from the iPad when ‘on-the-go’, as well as view full analytics capabilities from our web based cloud HQ platform

Track employee time and attendance with photo validation of each clock in, break and clock out

Integrates with our retail POS system to simplify client scheduling, while ensuring accurate billing

Perform full inventory or cycle counts with full catalog verification

Conveniently manage receiving and transfers through a mobile tablet including drop shipments, advanced shipping notices, inter-store requests and stock balancing

A tablet showing in-store advertising and converting to a transaction display during the actual ringing up of a customer

iPhone app your customer can download from the app store that can be used alone or in conjunction with Shopper Display that augments stored value services (loyalty rewards, gift cards, tokens, and more)


CRM Suite

At Teamwork Retail, we’ve built a highly versatile CRM Suite to pair up with our Retail Mobile Point of Sale System and Retail Management Solution.

Universal Customer

Teamwork Retail provides a unique cloud service called Universal Customer, which provides one central service for all customer profiles and integrations. It is designed to recognize and engage with the customer regardless of the channel that they are interacting with and with the least amount of friction. Your customers will now have identical information available online and in-store and always in real-time.

Unlike traditional Retail POS Systems, the Universal Customer is managed as a cloud-based service. In this way, only a single record is maintained and shared centrally to manage customers, whether online, in-store, or through a personalized (branded) consumer mobile application.

Customer Creation and Updates

If the customer is first added through a website registration, our Mobile Point of Sale system will be able to retrieve all customer information when they first engage in-store, regardless of where it originated from.

If the customer is first added through an in-store sale, the website registration process can retrieve all customer information, and bring that profile information into the registration process.

Updates to the customer profile – such as a change of address or phone number – are equally shared across all platforms from our iOS Retail POS system, and to all other integrated services.

If your customer changes their phone number on your eCommerce site, that information will be available on our iPad, iPhone and iPod POS immediately in the stores.

The benefit is that customer records are not duplicated, and the registration process is accelerated regardless of channel.

Member Site

Another component of our CRM suite is the ability to have a completely branded and Omni-Channel member site, or the ability to connect via API to your eCommerce site with more features than experienced before. Here the customer can use a web browser to:

  • Register
  • Sign in
  • Check/Update their account information
  • See the status of loyalty rewards, coupons, special offers, or other stored values
  • Register physical gift cards to their account and go completely digital from that point forward
  • Transfer balances between gift cards and even select a gift card to be their new Loyalty Card
  • Plus customers can see all history for loyalty points awarded/redeemed, gift cards, and receipts
  • This area is always being expanded to offer more Omni-Channel capabilities

Signup can also auto-generate loyalty rewards by your preset criteria and begin automatic email campaigns using one of our email campaign providers via one of our many integrations.

This can also be used in conjunction with our iOS Retail POS application as a shopper display. This display is an iPad which faces customers and displays digital signage images or promotions. When a transaction is started, it will immediately convert to a shopper display. Your associates can even suggest member enrollment/sign-in through this iPad Shopper Display, plus scan a code generated in a consumer application from their phones, and immediately be recognized and added to the receipt within seconds.

Member Kiosk

The Member Kiosk is a tablet application that allows a customer to self-register in the store. Here they can enter their information and set up their credentials for future logins, no matter what device. After their initial login, they can use all channels of your retail experience, whether through the branded retail application (we build this for you), the shopper display, member kiosk, e-commerce, or your branded member website built by us as well.

Member App

Teamwork can provide the retailer with a branded consumer application for iPhone or Android, or a retailer can use our highly robust API documents to build some the most Omni-Channel App experiences ever seen.

This provides the consumer with access to their profile, rewards account status, and mirrors the functionality added to the Member Site, but has a focus more attuned to the social aspect and engagement from retailer to consumer. This application is the key to creating a strong relationship between your brand and its customers.

Email Services

Transactional and promotional emails are facilitated through our CRM Suite. Teamwork Retail has integrated with many of the top email service providers, establishing complete two-way communication which allows our Analytics/Reporting areas to include marketing efforts and generated sales in one easy-to-understand report.

Management of opt-in, opt-out, and re-opt-in becomes highly streamlined. False opt-outs are now easily managed because of our integrations with these providers, such as MailChimp or Mandrill. Directly from our iPad, iPhone, and iPod Mobile Point of Sale system, associates or cashiers can opt back in consumers to campaigning. We separate promotional and transactional emails for very distinct reasons, and we even have some very cool methods to creating similar receipts or event emails to your promotional email campaigns.

Email Validation

Teamwork has built-in services which will validate all email addresses. Our Mobile (iOS) Retail POS system will actually suggest the correct spelling to your in-store associates by correcting and alerting them upon entry into our retail POS solution. We understand what correct customer information means to you, and this is just one more way to ensure that your most valuable asset (customers and their information) is correct. Get started with our powerful CRM suite today, and request a demo to see what our full solution can provide for your retail operations.

Teamwork Specializes in seamless integrations

Here are some we have mastered

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Surveillance

  • Traffic Counter

  • E-commerce

  • Accounting

  • Merchandise Planning

  • Warehouse Management

  • Payment Processing

  • Email Marketing

  • Hardware

A powerful platform that revolutionizes the way retailers conduct their business. We utilize iOS devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics.

A total solution that can be implemented across your enterprise, tying all retail channels together in the cloud.

Are you ready for the future of Retail?


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